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7 Things You Need to Experience at Mount Titlis in Engelberg, Switzerland

Mount Titlis is famously known for having only one season all year round, and that’s winter! At 3,020 metres above sea level, Mt. Titlis is the highest peak in central Switzerland region and a snow paradise that is visually beautiful.

I had the opportunity to visit Mt. Titlis this past December and experience freezing cold winter weather, -25°C.

We headed straight to Engelberg to visit the beautiful Mt. Titlis and reached within 45 – 60 minutes driving from Lucerne. It wasn’t difficult to find Mt. Titlis thanks to the GPS in our car. We were totally awe-stricken by the stunning view when we got off our car! Ready for a dream mountain escape?

Here are seven things you need to experience in Mount Titlis, Switzerland!

things to do in mount titlis switzerland

#1 Mount Titlis Engelberg

There was plenty of paid parking available for CHF 5 per day. Getting out of the car was not an easy task since the temperature read -10°C. I have no idea how cold is -25°C be like when at the top of Mt. Titlis. Since -10°C already making me freezing cold, I quickly went to a store at the entrance to purchased ski glove and rented a snow shoe without hesitating a bit.

Did I mention they provide snow gear rental?

Titlis Sport Shop provide rental service for sport gear such as snow pants for CHF 25, warm clothes for CHF 25, snow shoe for CHF 10, the list goes on and on. However, it’s often easier and certainly cheaper to bring along all your own warm clothes.

And the breathtaking journey to the top of Mt. Titlis begins, from Engelberg station.

Mount Titlis Switzerland

Mount Titlis swiss alps

#2 Mount Titlis Cable Car

The cable car connects Engelberg to the top of Klein Titlis (3,028m) through three stages – Gerschialp (1,262m), Trübsee (1,796m) and Stand (2,428m). The first stage is the mini cable car. As the cable car go higher we saw the whole Engelberg town and the surrounding mountains.

After a pleasant ride, the second stage awaits you. As we rode the cable car at this stage, we had a glimpse of Titlis ski area, Ski restaurant and picturesque view of the Alpine vistas.

Mount Titlis cable car

Mount Titlis from Lucerne

#3 Mount Titlis Rotating Cable Car – Rotair

The last cable car which took us to the summit is a revolving cable car, Rotair. The iconic Titlis Rotair is the world’s first revolving gondola that turns 360° during the 5 minutes way up. The cable car moves in a circle offering different views without having to move around yourself towards the snow covered summit of Titlis, treating us to some amazing views.

Your adventurous spirit wakes up as we reach the final stage. A sign welcomes you at 3,028m with the name “Klein Titlis”. From here, all you have to do is to enjoy the alpine air and scenery.

Mount Titlis Rotair cable car price tickets

#4 Mount Titlis Cliff Walk and Suspension Bridge

At the top of Mt. Titlis you can make a nice short walk to Europe’s highest elevation suspension bridge, Titlis Cliff Walk. We were lucky that the bridge was open the day we went despite it was winter and very strong wind. Titlis Cliff Walk though incredibly sturdy, crossing this suspension bridge is a heart-thumping experience! A part of me wanted to finish the walk as quickly as possible (it’s roughly about 150 steps) but another part of me demanded I slow down to feel the full force of the wind and enjoy the view.

There’s a camera set up mid-walk so visitors can get a picture of themselves crossing Europe’s highest hanging bridge which is 100 meters long and only one meter wide and almost 3,041 metres above sea level.

Mount Titlis cliff walk

Mt Titlis cliff walk and suspension bridge

Strong wind, freezing cold and snowing! It was very hard to walk around

#5 Mount Titlis Glacier Cave

Exploring the Glacier Cave is another cool Titlis experience. The temperature inside remains a frosty -1.5°C the whole year round. The Glacier Cave is a tunnel cored through a part of the Titlis glacier, 20 meters below its surface and 150 meters long. It’s slippery stroll but walking through the tunnel, running your hands over its rippled surface, and reading the signboards along the way, gives you a sense of how large and old glaciers are.

Mount Titlis glacier cave travel blog

#6 Mount Titlis Glacier Snow Park

The highlight of our excursion was undoubtedly playing with the snow toys in the Glacier Park. Snow tubing is perfect for those seeking fun minus the aches and pains. Each person is given a rubber tube, or a plastic toy shaped like a rocking horse but with a flat base. Once seated, the tuber is given a push down a steep, narrow slope with curved, high walls. Gravity takes care of the rest, and pretty soon (under 30 seconds) the tuber is at the base of the slope, most often laughing like a child on a school trip.

The snow toys go incredibly fast but the best part is everybody falls in the end, and nobody gets hurt. It’s surprisingly addictive and I spent a very happy hour going up and down.

Mount Titlis glacier snow park

Mount Titlis Snow Tubing

My first time snow tubing. Scared but still want to try

Mount Titlis snow tubing travel blogger

Then I got addicted to play for few rounds!

#7 Mount Titlis Ice Flyer and First Time Skiing Experience

Nearby the Glacier Snow Park is where you can also take a ride at the Ice Flyer. The Ice Flyer is a chair lift that connects the summit to the Titlis Glacier Snow Park. Almost all of the experiences on the mountain are included in the price. However, the Ice Flyers costs an additional CHF 12.

Do you want to try skiing for the first time?

Titlis is the best place for anyone who wants to try skiing once in a lifetime. You will get the basic ski equipment on the spot and make your first slides immediately with an instructor. The First Ski Experience costs an additional CHF 55 for one hour. You can always refer to Titlis First Ski Experience Official Website and the Cable Car Rides Official Website for the price updates.

Mount Titlis first time skiing experience

Mount Titlis or mount pilatus lucerne

We felt tired because of enduring the extreme weather on that day but happy after having great time at Mt. Titlis. We woke up early in the morning the next day and had smiles on our faces and memories to cherish for the rest of our lives.

The world class facilities, snow paradise and snow adventures of Mount Titlis will win your heart in no time!

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    wow… harus kena repeat nih … we all stay 1 day shj masa pusing europe dulu. bestnya tgk gambar

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    Bestnya tgk gambar 🙂

    July 11, 2017 at 1:22 pm
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    senang baca pengalamannya, saya ke mt.titlis awal september 2017, sayang sekali cuaca kuarang mendukung, di bawah hujan dan di atas turun salju disertai angin kencang, jadi saya tidak bisa mencoba mount Titlis Ice Flyer dan snow park nya -_- .
    Bahkan dari cliff walk saya tidak bisa melihat pemandangan karena jarak pandang yang terbatas akibat angin kencang dan hujan salju .

    September 29, 2017 at 4:15 am
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    seronok pergi sini. dekat sini saya first time main dengan snow. rasa nak pergi lagi tapi kali ni nak pergi dengan Kembara Sufi. sebab diorang ada pakej yang pergi 5 negara Europe termasuk Swiss. Try tengok website diorang.

    March 27, 2019 at 7:46 am
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