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5 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Fly To Bosnia & Herzegovina For Your Next Vacation

Did you know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a place where you can see mixture of Ottoman architecture and Austro-Hungarian architecture that you won’t see anywhere else in the world? Home to many historic places, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the perfect place for every traveler.

There is so much to see and experience in the land of lush mountains and crystal clear rivers surrounding Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Bosnia & Herzegovina at least once in your lifetime!

Reasons Why You Should Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

#1 Natural Wonders

From crystal clear rivers to snow-capped mountains, Bosnia boasts many natural wonders that will surely excite fans of nature lovers. A definite mustn’t-miss is the Kravice Waterfalls, which is possibly Bosnia’s answer to Croatia’s Plitvice Lake. Here you will find dramatic limestone mountains, lovely cool water and of course breathtaking waterfalls. The other major landmarks in Bosnia got to be Vrelo Bosne and Blagaj Tekke where you can see crystal clear rivers flowing everywhere you look.

10 most beautiful places in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaj Tekke

#2 East Meet West Architecture

Take your time strolling around Sarajevo Old Town – Bosnia’s capital city, and marvel at its wealth of historic architecture. Check out the Ottoman architectures at the Sebilj Fountain, Bascarsija Square and Gazi Husrev-Beg’s Mosque while Austro-Hungarian architecture at the City Hall. Finally, admire the Sarajevo Meeting of Culture Line at Ferhadija Street, a line that connects East and West. This is the place where you can feel you’re in Vienna one minute and Istanbul the next.

Sarajevo Travel Blog

Vijecnica or Library, Sarajevo

#3 Reflect on War History

As a tourist, learning about the history of the place you visit for the first time is a must. Tunnel Museum takes you to an informative Sarajevo history as it provides details and information to Sarajevo during the war. Despite documenting the disheartening cruelty of the Sarajevo War, it gives an insightful grasp to appreciate the resilience of the Bosniak. Aside from the museums, bullet holes can be seen in almost every building. A sad sight to see but an important one in understanding the war that occurred not so long ago.

10 most beautiful places in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tunnel Museum

#4 Fascinating Local Food

If you’re a big meat-eater, you’ll love Bosnian’s cuisine. Much of their culinary traditions revolve around meat, especially meat and mutton. On your visit, give čevapi a try. Arguably the most popular Bosnian dish, it’s basically minced beef shaped into sausages served with pita bread, raw onions and sour cream. And the good news is the food here is cheap! The roasted lamb I had in Jablanica on my way to Mostar was definitely the best roasted lamb I’ve ever tasted! I would travel to Bosnia just to eat their roasted lamb again! 😀

Sarajevo Travel Blog

Me and čevapi basically

#5 Lovely people

Whether you’re well-traveled or not, you might be surprised by how warm and hospitable Bosnians actually are. If you’re feeling a bit lost and need some help with directions, the locals will be more than happy to help. Shopkeepers, as well as restaurant and cafe staff, can be very welcoming and cheery, too.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

With Bosnian people

Are you planning a trip to Bosnia soon or have you already been? Let me know in the comments below! 

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