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    A Complete Guide to Hallstatt, Austria’s Most Charming Lake Town

    Last winter, I traveled through the West of Austria for the very first time. And, just as I expected, I fell in love! Hallstatt Austria is a charming lake town village located between mountains on Lake Hallstatt. Hallstatt is home to less than 1,000 people and this well preserved town has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    I was looking for fairytale destinations around Europe and I found it here in Hallstatt!

    While I only had a day to visit Hallstatt, it was enough time to get a taste for this famous Lakeside Alpine Village in Austria. Aside from being the most beautiful place in Austria, Hallstatt is more than 7,000 years old and has the oldest salt mine in the world.

    Here are the 7 places to visit in Hallstatt, Austria!

    A Complete Guide to Hallstatt Austria

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    A Local’s Guide to Strasbourg, France Muslim Friendly Itinerary in One Day for First Timer

    Love medieval cityscape and modern buildings? You’ll feel right at home in France’s unspoiled treasure, Strasbourg. I experienced the medieval town last winter. Far from the big city of Paris, this quiet yet lively city is home to the biggest mosque in France and one of the best Christmas Market in Europe!

    Strasbourg is the capital and the largest city of Alsace, a region in the north eastern France bordering Germany. Nestled along France’s border with Germany, Strasbourg was yanked back and forth between Germany and France over centuries and finally decided to join France at the end of World War II. Due to the location at the border of these two countries, it has an appealing blend of both French and German influences in the architectural, culture and cuisine.

    With so much to do in Strasbourg, it’s well worth the trip either from Paris, Black Forest or Zurich!

    Strasbourg is small enough to walk around but big enough to have plenty of eating places and convenient enough for shopping either to shop Strasbourg local products as souvenir or French luxury brands. And come winter it goes totally over the top as one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe! I think I have found a new contender to battle out with Paris as my favourite French city.

    Check out my Muslim Friendly day trip itinerary to Strasbourg!

    Strasbourg travel tips

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    A Quick Guide to Colmar’s Major Attractions in France – a French Fairytale

    Love a charming little fairy tale town in France? You’ll feel like as though you stepped into a “Beauty and the Beast” film set in France’s unspoiled treasure, Colmar. Look at those colourful houses, cobblestone dream streets and wonderful fountain. This could be Belle’s hometown!

    Colmar is the third largest city in the Alsace region and is located in the north eastern France bordering Germany. Due to the location at the border of these two countries, Colmar was a disputed area between France and Germany for a very long time. It has an appealing blend of both German and French cultural influences when you walk through the streets. It’s not really Germany and it’s not really France. It has its own distinct character, it’s simply the Alsace.

    With the looks of Disney Fairytale town in Colmar, it’s well worth the trip either from Strasbourg, Basel or Zurich!

    Looking at the Colmar little town, I need to remind myself that this was a place where people actually lived in the 13th century and not a Disney film set. Once upon a time, the canals in Colmar were buzzing with butchers, tanners and fishmongers and la Petite Venise was a centre for art and learning.

    Here’s a quick guide for things to do and to see in Colmar, France!

    Colmar travel blog

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    The Perfect Zurich Muslim Friendly Itinerary in One Day for First Timer

    With only one day to spend in Zurich, I felt overwhelmed with what to put on my itinerary. There’s so much to see and do in the city and I wanted to see it all!

    Zurich may not be the capital of Switzerland, yet Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city. Famous for its super-secret Swiss banks and the low tax rates attract multinational companies to set up their headquarters there, including my ex-employer LafargeHolcim headquarter.

    Approximately 30% of Zurich residents are foreign nationals and don’t be surprised if you could easily found Malaysian expat in the city. The best part of Zurich is most of the people are so helpful, polite and smiling every time we asked for directions. It’s time to hit Zurich!

    Check out my Muslim Friendly day trip itinerary to Zurich!

    Zurich Switzerland One Day tour halal food

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    Staying at HITrental Allmend Business Apartment in Lucerne, Switzerland

    With soaring snow-capped peaks of the Alps, some being the highest mountains in Europe and glittering blue lake, Switzerland has always been a dream destination for me. It has been one of the very few places with a fairytale beauty.

    Staying in Lucerne is the perfect base for exploring Switzerland. If you haven’t been to Lucerne yet, now is the time. With several mountain excursions to Mt. Titlis, Jungfraujoch and Mt. Pilatus as well as city excursions to Chapel Bridge, Old Town and Lion Monument, this Swiss gem has got it all. I recently had my first chance to visit Lucerne and totally fell in love with it. One of the highlights of my trip was staying at a comfortable studio new hot spot.

    Here’s my experience at HITrental Allmend Business Apartment in Lucerne, Switzerland!

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    The Ultimate Guide to Rhine Falls Switzerland 1 Hour Trip from Zurich

    Rhine Falls can best be described as Europe’s biggest waterfall, also known as Niagara Falls of Europe – there’s no exaggeration needed!

    From crystal clear blue-green water and rushing waterfall that belong on a postcard, Rhine Falls of Rheinfall – as it is known in German, is a major tourist destination in northern Switzerland. For travellers who choose Zurich as their gateway to Europe, the Rhine Falls may mean a pleasant side trip. Would you believe that this waterfall is just 1 hour outside Zurich?!

    This ultimate guide for visiting Rheinfall in Switzerland (along with plenty of photos) will spark your wanderlust and help you plan your own trip!
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    7 Things You Need to Experience at Mount Titlis in Engelberg, Switzerland

    Mount Titlis is famously known for having only one season all year round, and that’s winter! At 3,020 metres above sea level, Mt. Titlis is the highest peak in central Switzerland region and a snow paradise that is visually beautiful.

    I had the opportunity to visit Mt. Titlis this past December and experience freezing cold winter weather, -25°C.

    We headed straight to Engelberg to visit the beautiful Mt. Titlis and reached within 45 – 60 minutes driving from Lucerne. It wasn’t difficult to find Mt. Titlis thanks to the GPS in our car. We were totally awe-stricken by the stunning view when we got off our car! Ready for a dream mountain escape?

    Here are seven things you need to experience in Mount Titlis, Switzerland!

    things to do in mount titlis switzerland

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    Tips for Visiting Matterhorn – Zermatt, Switzerland

    It’s safe to say that visiting the Matterhorn in Switzerland is on just about everyone’s bucket list. It’s natural pyramid shape mountain and other worldly appearance is like something out of a dream.

    We decided to visit the Matterhorn after a perfect day spent in Zermatt, so that we could relax and take our time to enjoy the experience.

    Matterhorn Zermatt Switzerland Top Travel Blog

    Interesting Fact about Matterhorn:

    Toblerone chocolate was inspired by the triangular shape of the Matterhorn’s distinctive  profile.

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    which is the best museum to go in basel

    Top 13 Things to See and Do for Free in One Day Basel, Switzerland

    With only one day to spend in Basel, I felt overwhelmed with what to put on my itinerary. There’s so much to see and do in the city and I wanted to see it all!

    Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland after Zurich and Geneva. The town shares borders with France and Germany, located in the north-western corner of Switzerland.

    The oldest university of Switzerland was founded in 1460 and from there, Basel became a learning and book printing centre. This has attracted many of Europe’s greatest minds came to Basel including Bernoulli, Euler and Erasmus! And Erasmus was buried in the town’s Münster.

    Plan Your Trip on the First Sunday of the Month to Basel!

    Basel Switzerland Top Travel Blog

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    20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland

    Mount Pilatus is the reason brought us to Lucerne

    Mount Pilatus is famously known as the Dragon Mountain, as medieval legend often described this as a home for dragons with healing powers and it is located at central Switzerland in Lucerne. On a clear day, the mountain offers a panoramic view of 73 Alpine peaks. It is not surprising though, considering the Mt. Pilatus is well over 2,100 meters (7,000 ft) high).

    One can reach the top of Mt. Pilatus by the cogwheel trains, gondolas, cableways or combining all of these three together with a boat ride across Lake Lucerne (this ride is called as Golden Round Trip). We made our journey through the train from Alpnachstad, well known to be the steepest cogwheel railway in the world!

    Mount Pilatus Top Travel Blog

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