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    5 Tips for Visiting Aquaria KLCC and Review

    Aquaria KLCC is a world class oceanarium, showcases marine life in Malaysia and around the world. It’s home to over 5,000 underwater and land creatures, and one of the most famous aquariums in the country.

    Fun fact – you can swim and dive with sharks, stingrays and other majestic creatures inside the underwater cage, a Cage Rage Experience! It’s a magical place that boasts a 15-foot Flooded Forest Tube Tank exhibit, mesmerizing sharks and adorable sea turtles.

    But if you want to make the most of your visit, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are my tips for visiting Aquaria KLCC!

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    Stay in Kuala Lumpur with Petronas Twin Towers View at These 10 Instagrammable Hotels

    If you have ever seen pictures of Kuala Lumpur, you have likely seen shots of the Petronas Twin Towers or KLCC in the city’s scape. This iconic landmark is easily one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world.

    Whether you’re in Kuala Lumpur (KL) for a staycation or as a tourist, you can wake up to a view of Petronas Twin Towers while eating breakfast and go to bed with twin towers’ twinkling lights lulling you to sleep.

    Here are the best Kuala Lumpur hotels with perfect views of the Petronas Twin Towers that you and your travel partner will love!

    10 Best KLCC Hotels with Petronas Twin Towers View in Kuala Lumpur

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    You Can Watch Movies in Bed at TGV Indulge One Utama – A Dining Package Experience

    Love airport Premium Lounge but you are not traveling anytime soon? Nowhere makes my heart skip a beat like a lounge and movie. With the newly released Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw movie, it’s just in time to experience this cool place.

    Sometimes there is nothing better than just doing nothing together! For the ultimate day of relaxation, get to TGV Indulge. I’d highly recommend the Movie and Dining Set Package for both family and friends. It includes a starter and a main course suitable for lunch or dinner.

    Here’s an inside look at my experience on TGV Indulge and Dining Package, One Utama.

    TGV Indulge One Utama Review Experience

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    Renew Malaysia Passport Fast

    How to Expedite Your Malaysian Passport Renewal in 2 Hours

    Need a passport in a hurry? The Malaysia government has got you covered! If you need to renew your passport, you can do it in less than 2 hours. UTC Keramat Immigration Office is a popular destination to renew your Malaysian passport in a flash.

    While you can replace or renew your passport at designated immigration offices, I decided to go to Sri Hartamas Immigration Office since it’s the nearest to my house. It’s located just opposite Publika Mall. It was super easy, and I had my passport in hand in less than 2 hours.

    On a mad dash out of town? Here is what you should do to expedite your Malaysian passport renewal.

    Renew Malaysia Passport Fast

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    Forget Flying to Japan! Experience Malaysia’s Very First Japanese Onsen Spa in Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur

    Urban Retreat Onsen Spa is a private onsen in Kuala Lumpur’s (KL) expatriate area with almost everything imported straight from Japan.

    Urban Retreat Onsen Spa Mont Kiara KL

    Off I went to Urban Retreat Onsen Spa in Mont Kiara!

    What is a Japanese Onsen?

    Onsen is a kind of Japanese hot spring bath that is famous all over Japan. It’s so famous that it is now available outside Japan. There is one in Singapore, one in Bangkok and finally one in Kuala Lumpur! If you have heard of onsen, Japanese hot spring, but have never visited one – then this is guide for you. I was clueless before I visited, too. I believe you definitely have to try the onsen at least once!

    The newly developed building in Mont Kiara, 163 Retail Park hides one lesser known gem that perfect for a recharge. Urban Retreat Onsen Spa, Malaysia’s first private onsen spa, offers guests the traditional Japanese hot spring experience in the privacy of their personal bathhouses. Depending on the package you choose, the onsen soak is then followed by a range of relaxing treatments, from massages to full body scrubs.

    The best part? They are having opening promotion of Private Onsen for 45 minutes and 1 hour of body massage package costs just RM249!

    Here is my onsen experience in Urban Retreat Onsen Spa, Mont Kiara, KL.

    First onsen spa in malaysia blog

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    10 Tips for Your First Road Trip to Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia

    If you’re looking for something different, this is it. Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s greatest gems. With beautiful national parks, iconic surf breaks and stunning coastline, Great Ocean Road deserves a spot on any traveler’s bucket list. Australia’s Great Ocean Road is a year-round destination, and it’s one of the best spots on the planet for a road trip. It’s also an adventure that requires a bit of planning.

    Here are 10 essential tips for road-tripping in Great Ocean Road!

    Great Ocean Road Top Travel Blog

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    Travel Essential You Need for Your Next Trip with Gaston Luga Backpack, A Trip to Melbourne Australia

    Maybe you’re preparing for your next business trip combine with leisure trip or perhaps you’re looking for some new gear for your upcoming travels. Sometimes it’s just way easier to bring only one carry-on backpack to fit various occasions. So you don’t have to worry about packing extra bags into your luggage especially if you have quite a few flights with different airlines along the way.

    Glad that I found this Swedish brand, Gaston Luga simple yet elegant backpack just in time for my Melbourne trip! Most of the Gaston Luga backpacks are practical bag you can carry everywhere, from work to leisure and even for traveling overseas. A backpack that suits various occasions is the most important thing when preparing for a trip to stay organized.

    Gaston Luga Backpack Malaysia

    Here are Gaston Luga backpack review for your next trip!

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    The Ultimate Penguin Parade’s Guide in Phillip Island, A Day Trip from Melbourne Australia

    Love wildlife? You’ll feel right at home in Australia’s unspoiled treasure, Phillip Island. Located 90 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, Phillip Island is home to the world’s tiniest penguins. Most famous for the penguin parades every evening at sunset, Phillip Island is a popular day trip destination from Melbourne.

    A top spot to check out local wildlife, Phillip Island is well worth the trip from Melbourne!

    Penguin Parade tickets phillip island

    Penguin Parade Guide Phillip Island. (Source)

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    The 10 Spots You Can’t Miss On Your Next Trip to Great Ocean Road Melbourne, Australia

    Famous as one of the world’s most scenic coastal routes, Australia’s Great Ocean Road is one of the country’s greatest gems. Set along the south east coast of Australia, this iconic region spans 243 kilometers (151 miles) of coastline. With beautiful national parks, iconic surf breaks and stunning coastline, Great Ocean Road is a place like no other. It is one of the most popular tours in Melbourne, so I highly recommend checking it out!


    Great Ocean Road Trip Itinerary

    Don’t just rush to the 12 Apostles for your tourist snap. I would suggest 2-3 days minimum

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