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    places to see eat stay go in Lucerne Switzerland

    Top 5 Places to See and Do in Lucerne, Switzerland

    Switzerland! Whenever we think of Switzerland, naturally snowcapped mountains, gorgeous mountain lakes, chocolate and watches come to mind. If you are visiting Switzerland, then there are plenty of things to see in Lucerne. This trip has it all, every icon you could probably think of!

    It took about an hour to get to Lucerne from Zurich as well as from Basel. Either you are taking train or driving, the views on the way to Lucerne are breathtaking. I saw lush mountains, rocks, waterfalls, cottages, fields. It is like cities and villages merged into one. We drove to Lucerne from Freiburg, Germany which was about 2 hour drive. One thing to remember if you are driving, you have to pay 40 CHF to get a toll ticket when entering Switzerland.

    I was captivated by the wonderful panorama of Lucerne which surrounded by the Alps and Lake Lucerne where you can relax, along with Swiss historical sites. Whether you are staying in the city for a short weekend or a couple of weeks, here are the top five things to see and do in Lucerne! Continue reading…

    what is blocked account how long activate Deutsche Bank international student foreign

    How to Open Deutsche Bank Account/Blocked Account Germany for International Student, Step by Step

    Most international students need to open up a blocked account to apply for a student German visa. This is to proof you are able to support financially during your studies in Germany. There are different options to prove your financial ability to study in Germany. Therefore, I will explain about the Blocked Account in this entry. Deutsche Bank is the only bank in Germany providing this service to international students.

    What is a Blocked Account?

    It is called Blocked Account because the money you transfer into this account is blocked till the day you have arrived in Germany. It is required to have a minimum 8640 Euro in your Blocked Account in one of the German banks and you can only withdraw 720 Euro per month. (Refer to the German Embassy website for the exact amount, it may changed from time to time). It is compulsory to have a Blocked Account beforehand so that you are not facing any financing problem while studying.

    How long do I need to open the Blocked Account?

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    student visa german university malaysia

    Tips for Getting a Student Visa in German Universities

    More than twelve percent of students at German universities come from abroad, just like you! You pay very low tuition fees and sometimes none at all, it’s no wonder Germany is high on most students’ bucket lists.

    And with more and more courses and degree programs are being offered in English, especially at the master’s degree level. Post graduate students now more than ever will be heading to this diverse country located in the heart of Europe! But for master students especially in taught course program, getting and living there is no picnic.

    Applying for the German student visa is a process that can take a lot of time and hassle. My own journey to obtain a German student visa was nothing short of a nightmare.

    Here are my tips on getting a Student Visa for German Universities in Malaysia & Brunei!

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